old town sport canoe

Old Town Discovery Canoe Sport 15

Old Town’s durable three-layer polyethylene offers a rugged, maintenance-free hull. Square-stern design and wide beam create a remarkably stable craft. The wide beam of this boat also offers more stability for casting than conventional canoes. Load on your car or truck and paddle or motor from the put-in to your favorite spot. Rugged construction withstands dragging through shallow water. Comfortable nylon-web seats and rugged vinyl gunwales. It can also be converted into a rowing boat; oarlock kit sold separately. Accepts outboard motor up to 5 hp. Made in Maine. Dimensions 15’3″L x 40″W. Bow height 25½”. Capacity with motor 1,650 lb. Weight Approx. 113 lb.

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old town camper canoe

L.L.Bean Old Town/LL Bean Camper Canoe

Out best all-around family canoe. Wide hull and flat bottom offer stability and versatility on lakes, ponds and rivers. Skims over shallow gravel bars. Wide bow offers more wave-riding flotation in moderate whitewater. Rugged vinyl gunwales, ash carrying yoke and thwart. Water-draining nylon web seats. Made from lightweight, rugged Royalex. USA. Dimensions 16’L x 36″W. Depth 13″. Capacity 900 lb. Weight 59 lb.

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