emotyion kayak

Emotion Glide Kayak

An ideal kayak for learners, the Glide features a wide hull design with a slight “V” shape for great initial stability and added secondary stability for beginners. The hull also aids in tracking and performance for more experienced paddlers. A paddle keeper and ledge allows for a quick switch from paddling to a hands free positions, and the oversized cockpit makes it easy to enter and exit the kayak. Weighing just 37 pounds, it is easy to load and transport.

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emotion comotion kayakEmotion Comotion Kayak

Fast, stable, and maneuverable, the two-person Comotion Kayak by Emotion slices through the water, yet maintains stability for less experienced paddlers. Designed for top performance on flat water, in slow moving streams, and moderate ocean swell, the Comotion features a streamlined hull design and full-length true tracking keel that create a smooth and speedy path through the water.

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emotion charger kayak

Emotion Charger Kayak

The Charger by Emotion is the ultimate recreational kayak, boasting superior stability, tracking, and maneuverability in rough surf and smooth water alike. Designed to play in the surf and/or for use in ponds, lakes, streams, and back bays, the Charger features a minimal rocker and upswept bow to handle heavy chop, while the unique hull design with keel provide superior tracking and maneuverability.

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KL water quest kayak

KL Industries Water Quest 10′ Kayak with Paddle – Blue

The WaterQuest 10′ Kayak is constructed with tough polyethylene. Includes a deluxe padded seat, spray deflector collar, shock cord deck rigging, adjustable interior foot braces, and carry handles. Easy to transport. Perfect for a nice relaxing kayak adventure on the water. Features: Deluxe padded seat, Spray deflector collar, Shock cord deck rigging, Carry handles.

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clear blue kayak

Clear Blue Hawaii┬« Molokini 2 – Person Kayak

Transparent Molokini Kayak. Discover. View fascinating lake or sea life through the transparent hull. It is fully collapsible for easy transportation and storage. It assembles just like a tent! Grab a partner for your next expedition, made to carry 2 passengers, with a capacity up to 425 lbs. It has a polycarbonate Lexane hull and T6 6061 anodized aluminum frame. Includes a leashed water bailer.

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tsunami kayakWilderness Systems Tsunami 145 Touring Kayak

The Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 Touring Kayak fuses recreational-boat stability with touring-boat outfitting and speed. This way you won’t feel tippy or like you’re struggling to steer a huge barge. This kayak’s multi-chine construction provides a super-stable ride and the V-hull ensures smooth tracking. Deck rigging, plus bow and stern bulkheads, make it easy to store gear for the day. An adjustable back rest and thigh supports keep your torso happy while adjustable foot braces add stability to your paddling strokes. Since the devastating Tsunami of 2004, Wilderness Systems has donated a portion of every Tsunami sold to the AmeriCares Humanitarian Fund.

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