The Vapor 10 kayak is a sporty model and one of Old Town’s creations, with a very stable stable and easily maneuverable body makes the Vapo 10 ideal for use on rivers, lakes and ponds. Designed to get in and out of the water with ease,

The basic features of an Old Town kayak design.

the Vapor 10 goes above and beyond the average, with such versitile features as the adjustable Comfort seat ( Flex FT ) with a padded cushion and seat back, adjustable foot braces, and padding for the thighs, all of these features makes for a more comfortable and safer paddling position. The Vapor 10 kayak also has a tray with a cup holder moulded in to the cockpit, so you have a place to store your energy drink or water while enjoying using the kayak.

Like the other models in the Vapour series, the kayak’s really awesome design feature is the stern day well. The outer edges of the day well are higher than the cockpit and therefore well above the water; this makes sure your all your gear and lunch stays dry, above the waves and out of the water and mud that drips and tracks into the bilge. Then there is a molded paddle rest built in as well as built in carrying handles. The kayak is made from a single layer of polyethylene and comes in a few colors including sunrise and cloud.

About Old Town
Tradition and technology have had a long and comfortable marriage at Old Town. The company built its first wood and canvas canoe in 1898, with a blueprint that was more durable and easier to maintain that the Native American birch canoe that inspired it. The company followed a similar path in 1940, converting the traditional sealskin kayak design into a more durable wood and canvas version. The same spirit of innovation led Old Town to introduce lightweight fiberglass kayaks and canoes in the 1950s and ’60s, and to employ such lightweight, cutting-edge materials as PolyLink3 and SuperLink3 in the 21st century. Despite the advances in materials, consumers can rest assured that the boats are built with the same attention to detail as the originals. Old Town’s kayaks and canoes are still hand-shaped on the same cedar forms that were used more than 100 years ago, and they’re still manufactured to the same quality standards in Old Town, Maine. And though the original Old Town artisans aren’t building the canoes and kayaks, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren may be carrying on the tradition, as the company has employed generations of family members at its plant. Also available are the Old Town Vapor 10XT and 12XTS models which include a cover on the Day Well to keep your belongings out of the sun and rain, a bungee to hold your paddle in the paddle-park, additional seat and seat-back padding, and a bungees iPad storage area for your portable elctronics. For a longer stiffer tracking model of the Vapor, check out the Vapor 12, Vapor 12S or Vapor 12XTS. Made in USA.

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