clear kayakThe new transparent Molokini kayak enables you to see fascinating lake or sea life through the sleek transparent hull. This kayak will give great enjoyment whether your goal is some kind of research or to take you child on a voyage of discovery. The possibilities are endless. It is fully collapsible for easy transportation and storage. It assembles / disassembles just like a tent! It’s made to carry 2 passengers, with a capacity up to 425 lbs. It is approx. 11’1″ x 2’9 1/2″ x 11″ and 40 lbs. It has a polycarbonate Lexane hull and T6 6061 anodized aluminum frame.Includes a leashed water bailer. Explore underwater worlds waiting to be discovered. Cleaclear kayakr Blue Hawaii Molokini 2-Person Kayak. Clear Lexan ShellAluminum Frame, Two Passenger capacacity
The Molokini Kayak is great fun and very stable but there is the extra option of an outrigger kit. The Outrigger System is recommended for areas with breezes and frequent light chop conditions. The system reduces rough water motion and makes it much easier to paddle. The modular design and inflatable chambers make it easy to store and attach. click here for the Outrigger System
Be ready going kayaking with this fantastic Deluxe Molokini Package that includes everything to start discoveringclear Moloko deluxe package the underwater world. The Molokini is an all-transparent two-passenger kayak made out of the same durable polycarbonate material used in the production of bulletproof glass and fighter jet canopies. It comes equipped with an anodized aluminum internal frame system, dual flotation bladders and a three-quart water bailer. The Molokini features a removable lightweight anodized aluminum frame system, allowing the user to minimize space consumption. The Outrigger system attached to the Molokini adds additional stability in choppy conditions – The 2 seats come with Fanny Pack (Water bottles optional) – 2 Lanai Stretchable paddle leashes.
  • Same Durable Polycarbonate Material used in the Production of Bulletproof Glass and Fighter Jet Canopies
  • Included witk the Molokini Kayak: 1 Outrigger System + 2 Ergon X1 Seats w/ Fanny Pack + 2 Collapsible Paddles + 2 Lanai Stretchable Leashes + ($808.89 Value if Bought Separately)
  • Removable Anodized Aluminum Frame and Retractable Skeg System
  • UV Resistant Polyurethane, 2 Passengers, 425 lbs
  • FREE Shipping & 1 Year Manufacturing Defects Warranty for all the Items