Wenonah Backwater Canoe

  • Stable design is ideal for fishing or hunting
  • Square stern accommodates a small motor
  • Made from tough Royalex

wenonah backwater canoe


A great boat for sportsmen who want to use a small outboard or trolling motor. Rigid aluminum and wood mounting bracket allows for the quick and easy addition of a motor. Square-stern design and wide beam create a remarkably stable craft for casting. Includes oar lock/socket so you can row the canoe from the center seat. Made of rugged Royalex® ABS that withstands dragging over sand bars and gravelly bottoms. Includes three comfortable nylon-web seats and vinyl gunwales. Accepts outboard motors of up to 3 hp. USA.


Dimensions 15′ x 41″.Waterline Width 37½”. Bow Height 19½”. Stern Height 17¼”. Weight 79 lb.